AuruMar adopts Vulcan software for marine mining

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

AuruMar, a technical services company conducting marine exploration and mining projects, has purchased Maptek Vulcan 3D modelling software for their marine continental shelf exploration operations.

AuruMar will apply Vulcan GeoModeller to the mineral resource development program for its 26 mining leases offshore of Nome, Alaska.

‘We wanted to be able to look at and model our geological data in 3D,’ said Urban Burger, AuruMar Geologist. ‘The Vulcan platform also offers us the opportunity in the future to do resource modelling, mine planning and reconciliation in the same environment.’

Vulcan GeoModeller provides a complete set of tools for exploration and mining geologists with with functionality for both stratigraphic and non-stratigraphic deposits.

‘GeoModeller tools are beneficial to marine shelf mining because of the different deposits and environments that have to be considered in their daily planning and operations,’ said Nick Venter, Maptek Africa Technical Sales Manager. ‘Flexibility is a hallmark of Vulcan.’

‘Vulcan is our first 3D modelling package,’ said Burger. ‘The reaction has been positive and I enjoy Maptek’s no nonsense services approach.’

AuruMar is a technical services company based in Cape Town, South Africa. It was established in October 2009 as a joint venture between De Beers and Anglo Gold Ashanti to manage the technical and operational aspects of marine exploration and mining projects.

The company primarily focuses on the exploration for gold on continental shelves, with several other exploration projects in its global portfolio.

‘AuruMar is a great company to add to the South African client list,’ said Venter. ‘It reflects Maptek’s diverse customer base and the comprehensive solutions we offer.’

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