BlastLogic delivers an industry-best drill and blast capability

Tuesday, March 12th, 2019

Over the past six years Maptek BlastLogic has become the number one drill and blast solution for leading mining companies.

Drill and blast is a primary driver of value for mine operations, equating to approximately 20% of mining cost per tonne, so getting it right can have a huge impact on a mine’s bottom line.

Industry-best tools, unparallelled support and dedication to continual development offered through BlastLogic are helping to safely optimise blast designs, streamline processes and increase productivity.

Maptek BlastLogic delivers mine to mill drill and blast capability.

Maptek Product Manager – Mine Operations Mark Roberts said BlastLogic was continuing to lead the market and grow in popularity across the world because it offered the strongest capability regardless of location or commodity type.

‘Customers also appreciate that Maptek is continually developing and evolving BlastLogic to meet meet the changing requirements in the industry,’ Roberts said.

‘We’re responsive to their needs and embrace the challenge of providing the optimum solutions for drill and blast.’

The latest release of BlastLogic, version 2.2, features improved design tool flexibility, such as the capacity for tie-up designs to span multiple blasts, greater versatility in workflows and data synchronisation between the office and the field, and boosted blast analytics, visualisation and reporting.

Maptek Product Manager – Mine Operations Mark Roberts

Roberts said in the near future BlastLogic would be delivered on the Maptek Workbench with Maptek Vulcan integration.

The Workbench will provide a single user interface for the entire suite of Maptek solutions, integrated workflows and movement of data to provide complete mining solutions across mining disciplines.

Industry leading design tools, integration, digitised capability and providing a single source of truth underpinned the development of BlastLogic, he said.

A major research and development project underway for the product focuses on blast optimisation.

‘Our intelligent blast optimisation capability will leverage evolutionary algorithms used for scheduling to provide a new technique for creating blast designs,’ Roberts said.

‘Right now the process, which includes creating the drill pattern, the charge plan and the initiation design, is very engineering intensive.

‘Applying multi-objective population-based evolutionary algorithms based on engineers’ objectives and constraints will quickly create optimised designs.’

‘Engineers will initially be able to create optimised individual blasts in seconds, enabling many blasts to be created quickly across an entire bench as part of medium-term planning.’

For example, blast designs will be optimised based on cost profile, fragmentation and fly rock and include constraints like vibration. Importantly the designs will be simple to edit and update to up to date geology, survey and geotechnical data.

‘It’s really exciting and we’re hoping to have it available for select customer trials by the end of the year.’

BlastLogic 2.2 is now available for customer download in the Maptek Users Area. If you would like to learn more about how to improve your drill and blast processes contact

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