Committed to forever change the way mining is done

Thursday, May 12th, 2022

Maptek has reaffirmed its long-held purpose to put customer-driven solutions at the forefront of everything it does to forever change the way mining is done.

In 1981 a small services provider aimed to transform manual geological drafting and calculation into a database solution that geologists could easily use for themselves. Forty years on, Maptek is a global technology business delivering hardware and software solutions to more than 20,000 users spanning the globe.

‘Of course, in geological terms, 40 is by no means old, but we have stayed young and relevant by continually refreshing our ideas, the way we work, and the technology we use,’ said Eduardo Coloma, Maptek CEO.

‘Maptek is well-known for providing the best tools for a wide range of mining applications. Now we are combining the best of the best tools to help miners make better decisions – integrated decision-making support systems are the key,’ he continued.

‘Recently we’ve delivered solutions that have been a successful combination of operational, data analytics and specialist mining application expertise.’

‘Maptek may not build all the software from scratch, but we will provide the integration and interoperability between systems and processes. Transforming raw data into technical and operational knowledge is important because it ensures decisions are guided by access to the right information.’ 

Coloma believes that customers need fast results, and expect their technology providers to be agile in service and solution delivery.

‘This is why we focus on cloud-hosted licensing and computing frameworks that enable our customers to work efficiently from anywhere at any time. We deploy machine learning and workflow-based solutions that take advantage of the latest technologies.’ 

The Maptek 5-year plan is scaffolded by an enhanced ideology that explains who we are and outlines the principles that guide our actions.

Create tomorrow – We will encourage new thinking and support change. 

Walk in their shoes – We will listen to our customers and reinforce relationships. 

Smarter together – We will work together and draw on each other’s strengths. 

Make it simple – We will brainstorm and turn complex ideas into simple solutions. 

Be courageous – We will be accountable for how we work, and we will never give up.

Maptek was founded to serve the software needs of the mining industry and we thrive on the challenge to stay at the forefront. With a clear purpose, our path will be straighter and simpler. Our industry will be able to tread that path with confidence.

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