Customer Service Focus

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Working at Maptek provides opportunities for using professional skills in varied tasks, meeting people from different sites and supporting product development.

Project Geological Engineer, Kira Johnson started at Maptek in 2008. Working in Technical Services inDenver, she enjoys the variety in her role, which includes Vulcan consulting, technical support and training.

A typical day may involve answering support calls, ensuring the client training experience matches their needs, and checking consulting reports with clients.

‘There is always a new project to tackle. I enjoy coming up with solutions to client issues,’ said Kira.

Taking a project from start to finish is very satisfying.

Kira’s biggest achievement was taking the technical lead throughout the course of a large-scale phosphates project.

‘The company chose Maptek because of our great work on their Canadian potash properties, as well as our ability to provide them with a one package solution.’

The project involved interpretation and import of historical data, geological modelling, pit optimisation, mine design and layout, scheduling, and reclamation. Maptek helped prepare the final report for permit approval.

‘It took about a year and a half to finish the project, and in the end both the client and the authorities were happy.’

‘I like to think that our work makes everyone’s job in the industry easier. We value efficiency at Maptek, and take time on site to provide clients with suggestions to make their operation more accurate, efficient and safe.’

The variety of the job appeals strongly to Kira.

‘Different exercises in problem solving are always coming up. I enjoy meeting new people in the industry. It is a great opportunity to network and build rapport. We want to maintain positive relationships with our clients.’

Customer focus is one of the core values at Maptek.

‘From a business standpoint, outstanding service is a core value. We care about our client experience and we are dedicated to getting the work done the way they want it.’

Maptek is like a family, everyone is great about teamwork.

‘Maptek is a collaborative company. We all work hard to accomplish a common goal, no matter what it takes.’

Kira sees Maptek’s greatest strength as being a leading innovator in total project solutions.

‘The first thing that comes to mind is the I-Site laser scanner. Improvements in site survey flow on through an operation.’

‘We also have excellent in-house product development and testing. Since I started working here we have provided 10 Vulcan software updates. Our product development team is great about logging and addressing software issues.’

Engineers and geologists who work at Maptek are able to hone their skills on a wide range of projects. Contact with clients and regular site visits ensure they stay at the top of their field.

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