Customers enjoy North American conference

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Maptek customers left the recent users conference in Denver, Colorado with insights from each other’s experience. Maptek staff gained a better understanding of how our products are being used.

‘One benefit of the networking process at conferences is that we can see if we are actually delivering the product that the customer expects. This helps us to make sure that we have proper project management, and that we are scoping things correctly,’ said Jon Larson, General Manager, Maptek North America.

‘It is critical to establish that customers are able to implement the tools into their business processes. This integration at the customer end is what delivers efficiency gains and increases the value of the products they invest in,’ he added.

‘Being able to export data as a 3D pdf in I-Site 3.4 is going to help in communicating our month end reconciliation reports. I also want to take a closer look at the new scheduling tools coming in Vulcan 8.1.’

Brandon Lende, Cliffs Natural Resources

‘It is great to get together with fellow Vulcan users. I have gained new perspectives. Light bulbs went off during a couple of the presentations. One was a modelling technique for creating watertight solids which I hadn’t thought of and the other, a rather novel approach to getting ore density values.’

Al Renaud, Cameco

‘The conference allows me to meet other users and find out how they are using Maptek products. Getting face to face with Maptek is a better way of seeing what tools will be available in the future.’

Audra Walsh, Barrick Gold Corp.

‘I-Site has already streamlined our operation, and I was interested to pick up information about what Vulcan has to offer for mine planning.’

Robert Clifford, Thompson Creek Mine

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