Daniel’s Australia visit to boost software development in Chile

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

Software Engineer Daniel Rehren’s stint with Maptek Adelaide will enable him to provide South American customers greater access to Maptek solutions.

Daniel, who has worked in Maptek’s Viña del Mar office in Chile for four years primarily focused on Vulcan Gantt Scheduler development, has been in Adelaide since early May.

Daniel working with a Vulcan Implicit Model

After taking part in a summit dedicated to mapping out the future of Maptek scheduling solutions Daniel stayed in Adelaide to gain understanding of the Maptek Developer Framework.

‘The summit was very valuable because it helped us formulate a roadmap to provide a single, comprehensive scheduling package,’ Daniel says.

‘The initial idea was for me just to come for the summit but then I stayed to learn about how to build MDF applications which can be integrated into the Maptek Workbench.

‘I can take what I’ve learnt back to the team in Chile and we’ll be able to deliver software which meets the needs of our clients.

‘We currently have an innovation team which works with scripts such as Lava, but swapping to MDF will allow us to get products to customers faster.’

Daniel says the Workbench interface provides a platform for access to solutions such as BlastLogic, Eureka and I-Site.

‘At the moment in Chile we only develop Vulcan code but since MDF covers a lot of our current packages we can start delivering what clients need from those packages,’ he says.

‘This will be a great opportunity for Maptek Chile to showcase the range of solutions Maptek has to offer because we now have the knowledge to start diving into those products.

‘It will also further increase communication between our offices so I think it’s really positive.’

Daniel gets to know the locals at Cleland Wildlife Park

Away from work, adjusting to traffic driving on the left hand side of the road was a bit of a challenge during Daniel’s first trip to Australia.

‘I think it’s really strange – when I first arrived I went to get a taxi I thought I was getting into the driver’s seat,’ he laughs.

‘Apart from that it’s been great.  The weather is similar, but sunnier, and the people are very warm.

I’ve visited Melbourne and Perth, Cleland Wildlife Park in the Adelaide Hills and the beach at Port Elliot.

‘Everyone’s treated me really well.’

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