Earth Sciences students at Western Cape to use Vulcan

Monday, December 10th, 2012

The University of the Western Cape (UWC) in South Africa will introduce Vulcan to more than 500 students in its Department of Earth Sciences. The Geology and Environmental Sciences group is at the forefront of visual and interactive teaching methods, and established a Highly Immersive Visualisation Environment (HIVE) in 2010.

The acquisition of Vulcan in July 2012 continues their tradition of applying 3D visualisation of geological and mining datasets to enhance data interpretation. This initiative, the largest single installation of Vulcan in Africa, aims to better equip a future generation of geoscientists.

The UWC vision includes making Vulcan available across all areas of research and to enhance the scope of postgraduate ventures, especially in Economic Geology.

The use of Vulcan will help broaden the scope of research within the Earth Science Department to include more sophisticated economic, mining and exploration modelling methods.

The Department also plans to incorporate Vulcan into a second year course as an introduction to geological modelling techniques.

‘Vulcan will enhance the research capabilities and skills development of students. Maptek and UWC will leave behind a lasting legacy through technological innovation,’ said Paul Ehlers, Technical Services Manager, Africa.

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