Global mining technology developer Maptek to sponsor APCOM 2013

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

Global mining technology developer Maptek has announced Gold level sponsorship for APCOM 2013.

Vice-President of Maptek South America, Marcelo Arancibia, said that APCOM was one of the best venues for professionals to come together to share applications of technology.

‘As developers of software products that target processes across mining operations, as well as 3D laser survey hardware, Maptek has a vital stake in remaining a key player in best practice in mining applications. We pride ourselves on our robust function-rich software.’

APCOM is held every two years, hosted in different locations around the world. The Maptek-sponsored 2011 gathering was held in Wollongong, Australia.

The 36th session of this prestigious international event for computer and operations research in mining will be held in Porto Alegre in Brazil from 3-8 November 2013.

Arancibia will be hosting one of the technical sessions and looks forward to hearing how specific technologies can benefit operational outcomes.

Conferences, forums, tradeshows and professional networking events are great opportunities for mining personnel to step back from routine processes and have time to reflect on broader issues.

‘As well as new tools which may require substantial development to be market-ready, even minor additions or updates to existing products can make a huge difference to the daily workflow and longer term outcome for an operation,’ commented Arancibia.

‘This is where having people discuss their issues with us leads to breakthrough solutions.’

‘By talking with the mining companies, Maptek gains a deeper understanding of the quality gates, pressure points and connecting processes in mining operations. We can then develop tools that smooth those concerns,’ he concluded.

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