I-Site 8800 Laser Scanner wins gold

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Maptek has been awarded the South Australian Technology Industry Association’s (TIA) Gold Cup for developing the I-Site 8800 laser scanner.

This prestigious annual award is for a company that excels at taking an innovative idea from development through to national and global markets.

I-Site Research & Development Team Leader, Mark Pfitzner explained, ‘The Gold Cup criteria considers the engineering innovation, reliability, marketing and job creation as a result of the product.’

The driver for creating I-Site laser scanners was the need to have a time-of-flight range-finding system that incorporated panoramic imaging, a survey grade telescope and a levelling sensor.

Maptek aimed to break the mould and develop a product that differed from the ‘rangefinder in a box’ model common in the industry. The result is a scanning system mindful of the surveyor’s workflow.

The I-Site 4400 laser scanner first entered the market in 2000. Experience gained in hardware development since then was applied to the I-Site 8800, along with direct user input.

‘All the sensor technologies necessary for survey work are integrated into a single package, ready for any environment’, said Mark Pfitzner on accepting the award.

Maptek employs 42 people to develop, manufacture and produce I-Site hardware and software. Significant funding is committed to the research and development of new technology each year.

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