I-Site service centres

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Customer service and support is an often unrecognised element of product delivery.

Maptek has established an I-Site service system that is second to none. Complex products such as I-Site laser scanners inevitably need expert attention. The Maptek advantage is in how we resolve issues that customers may experience.

I-Site scanners are supported by service centres in Adelaide, South Australia and Denver, Colorado. The teams are responsible for carrying out annual SystemCare servicing as well as ad hoc equipment and warranty repairs.

Both service centres have received major upgrades recently, and now share a synchronised database providing access to centralised data on critical scanner history.

The Adelaide centre is integrated with the I-Site production facility so is capable of all repairs and maintenance tasks. Servicing is handled by Team Leader, Tony Alfonsi and Technicians, Heath Graham and Tibor Cser. They process an average of 5 scanners per month, with a peak of 9 scanners in December 2009.

Michael Foster looks after the service needs of scanners deployed in North America. Based in Denver, Mike is quite self-sufficient, but has a firm lifeline to Adelaide for solving difficult problems.

The standard SystemCare service includes a 37 point health check as well as system upgrades. We are currently reviewing processes and methods to reduce servicing time from an average of 2 weeks.

Software malfunctions provide novel challenges. The Adelaide team recently discovered that all the Maptek I-Site HHC software had been deleted from a returned HandHeld Controller. The various games installed somehow weren’t capable of controlling a laser scanner!

The scanner service teams perform a vital role and strive to keep customers satisfied. One of the biggest challenges today is understanding the different processes that have been used since the first scanners were built 5 years ago. They persevere, with the philosophy that ‘the best new customer is a happy old one’.

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