Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Pablo Picasso said ‘Everything you can imagine is real’.

Imagine capturing real world data in true 3D. Maptek’s vision makes it happen. Our I-Site scanner technology brings a fresh perspective to survey measurement.

In 2000 Maptek started working with laser scan data. Then we dared to imagine what it would be like to build our own scanners. Five years, and much hard work later, Maptek I-Site scanners were launched onto the world market.

These credentials secured Maptek’s place as a finalist in the Top 20 Innovation of the Millennium awards held in South Australia.

Maptek has always focused on the ‘total solution’ – providing hardware and software built to suit users’ applications. Our users can capture 3D measurements and transform them into 3D models, quickly and easily. This technology is made in Adelaide for the world scene.

The I-Site laser scanner is the only instrument on the market with a fully integrated, 360-degree, 70 megapixel digital camera for simultaneous imaging and scanning.

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