Insights from Indaba 2013

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

Maptek staff from Africa and Europe have wrapped up a busy week showcasing Maptek products and services at Indaba, held this year in Cape Town, South Africa.

‘From an investment standpoint, uncertainty about the future of the industry remains, however the atmosphere at the show was very positive,’ commented General Manager for Europe and Africa, Duncan Lee.Service providers such as Maptek can help companies succeed during times of low confidence. This is when it is even more crucial for professionals to have tools to increase productivity and maintain high-quality operations.

‘The large operator sector is going through its own mini ‘banking’ crisis, with some companies having to write down billions of dollars on projects that have not performed well,’ added Lee.

On the junior and exploration front, the general consensus was that most projects remain viable, with funding available for streamlined operations and quality projects.

Indaba presented the first opportunity to showcase Maptek Eureka to the South African exploration market. Eureka answers the need for target generation and regional trend analysis. Being able to easily communicate the value of a project increases the chances of companies getting investment money for growth.

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