Laser scanner training in Switzerland

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Maptek I-Site experts from Australia recently trained Leica Geosystems staff from around the world in the new system.

The I-Site 8800 long range laser scanner has proved its value to open pit operations since Maptek launched it last year.

The Leica HDS8800 is produced under an OEM agreement with Maptek to bolster Leica’s long range survey products.

Leica staff received three days of intensive training in preparation for sales. They learnt to operate the hardware, use the I-Site Studio software and apply the new techniques in real situations.

Jason Richards, Laser Scanning Sales & Technical Services Manager commented that ‘the long range scanner virtually sells itself – Leica will be instrumental in promoting its value in their market’.

[L-R] Sergey Kotelnikov, HDS Product Manager, Russia, Qisan Duan, HDS Sales Engineer, China and Julian Norton, HDS Business Manager, Heerbrugg, with the HDS8800 in Switzerland

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