LKAB, Sweden embraces Vulcan solution

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Maptek’s global prowess in established mining markets cut no ice when convincing the Scandinavian market that we could deliver the best solutions in Scandinavia to Scandinavian companies.

Elkem of Norway became our first customer in Scandinavia in 2002, after conducting a careful analysis of Maptek products and services.In December 2010 Maptek was given another opportunity to prove our worth. Swedish company, LKAB (Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara AB) is one of the world’s leading producers of upgraded iron ore products for the steel industry and a growing supplier of industrial minerals products. The company’s chief assets are the magnetite ore deposits at Kiruna and Malmberget in northern Sweden.

LKAB planners were struggling to deliver enough fast, accurate information to satisfy the demands of a rapidly growing production schedule. Their mine planning engineer Matti Sormunen contacted Maptek in Edinburgh, UK, to evaluate our capabilities. A thorough analysis of the Vulcan software convinced LKAB that it was the solution they needed.

LKAB has now implemented Vulcan for geological modelling and mine planning, with training underway to bring the geologists and mine engineers up to speed with Vulcan functionality.


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