Making the most of mining data – Maptek MD interview

Tuesday, February 26th, 2019

Capitalising on the true value of mining data is crucial for the future success of the industry, Maptek Managing Director Peter Johnson has told the Minerals Council of Australia’s new interview series.

Speaking at the inaugural MCA Modern Mining Innovation Showcase in the Great Hall at Australia’s Parliament House in Canberra this month Mr Johnson shared his thoughts with the MCA.

‘We can see a huge amount of potential still in the value inherent in mining data,’ Johnson said.

‘There’s more and more technology being deployed and used in mining.

‘All of that technology is generating more data.

‘It’s becoming more connected – the industrial Internet of Things is concept that gets kicked around.

‘That’s going to enable a lot more value to be taken out of that data at all sorts of different points of the value chain and we’re working to deliver whatever we can.’

Johnson said there were two key benefits Maptek tried to target for its customers when delivering solutions.

‘One is resource value – maximising resource value over time,’ he said.

‘Two is the productivity and efficiency of realising that value.’

The showcase, held as part of the annual Minerals Week, featured companies and organisations including MCA member companies, suppliers to the mining sector and educational institutions.

Parliamentarians, Minerals Week delegates, media, industry groups and STEM students from late secondary and tertiary institutions were among the attendees.

‘The showcase was a great opportunity to introduce Maptek to a new audience and also catch up with some existing customers,’ Johnson said.

‘Presenting these kinds of event to students is a terrific way to inspire them and expose them to potential career opportunities they may not have seen before.’

The Modern Mining Innovation Showcase in the Great Hall, Parliament House, Canberra. Picture: Geoff Comfort

The MCA interview series highlights 25 of the exhibitors from the showcase who discuss their products, practical innovations and technology and the future of the mining industry.

You can view the MCA Modern Mining Innovation Showcase videos on the Minerals Council of Australia Youtube page or listen podcast series here: The Modern Mining Innovation Showcase Podcast Series.

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