Maptek CEO talks digital innovation with university students

Friday, August 28th, 2020

Companies such as Maptek must continue embracing digital disruption to provide mining professionals of the future the high level of technological enablement they will demand, Maptek CEO Eduardo Coloma says.

Coloma addressed more than 65 students last week on the impact of digital disruption in the mining industry as part of the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María’s Mining Month Talks.

Disruption is not new. We live in a world of Disruption. It affects our industry and pervades all aspects of life,’ Coloma said.

‘I have spent my entire career in the Mining Industry. It is a complex environment and our customers continually look for innovative solutions to deal with complexity and change. Perceptions of what innovation means are also constantly changing.

‘Being disruptive challenges expectations and enables solutions that foresee needs rather than merely react. Maptek has an imperative to create solutions that help our customers increase competitiveness and future proof their business.’

Maptek CEO Eduardo Coloma’s presentation to students was well received.

He said the key challenge for a CEO was meeting the expectations of customers by focusing on innovations that streamline operations and add value across all divisions.

‘As mining professionals of the future, you will expect, actually you will demand, a high level of enablement from technology in your careers.’

Coloma said it was useful to bear in mind that technology did not automatically connect to greater productivity.

‘Intangible impacts are important – they include corporate policies, workforce structure and change management frameworks.

‘The ability of miners to use technology to increase productivity and performance of their business depends on the quality of management and appropriate restructuring of the workforce. That workforce is your destiny!’

A proud history supporting education.

The UTFSM Mining Month Talks have covered topics including automation, global trends in the mining industry, technologies for digitalisation, and how to insert gender equity in our industry.

UTFSM Civil Engineering of Mines student Nicolás Cortés, who helped coordinate the talks, said it was important for students to hear from prominent industry figures.

‘They have made an immense impact in the mining field and getting to hear experiences, bits of advice and how to face challenges is priceless,’ he said.

‘Eduardo’s talk mentioned the overall upcoming challenges, and he also showed a point by point review of the tools provided by Maptek to the industry.

‘I think the most relevant aspect for students was the fact that they had the chance to directly interact with the leader of one of the most used software technologies in the mining industry.’

Engaging with the next generation of industry workers and leaders has always been important to global mining solutions provider Maptek.

Top universities worldwide use Maptek software in their curriculum to help undergraduates and graduates leverage a competitive advantage when entering the workforce.

Donating educational licences, holding train the trainer workshops for academic teaching staff as well as scholarships and awards, internships and masterclasses are good examples of the support.

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