Maptek meets Australian CoalLog standard

Monday, February 29th, 2016

The latest iteration of Vulcan, Vulcan 10, is fully compliant with the new Australian Coal Logging statutory reporting standard CoalLog.

CoalLog was developed to make collecting and sharing coal exploration data easier.

It includes data entry sheets and standard code lookup tables for header, drilling, lithology and geotechnical data as well as a format for the transferal of this data.

coallog_logscoalloglegendMaptek Technical Services Geologist Claire Avenell said it was important the soon to be released Vulcan 10 adhered to the CoalLog Standard.

Interest in the Australian CoalLog Standard has spread internationally since the first version was delivered to industry in early 2012, with some companies in other countries also voluntarily adopting the system,’ Claire said.

‘Importing geological databases into Vulcan has been modified so when users tick a checkbox a CoalLog database design file is loaded, saving significant setup time.

‘When CoalLog format raw data files are selected, column headings from these load files will be auto-matched with field names in the design, provided standard column headings have been used,  making database creation a 5 minute job.’

Full CoalLog dictionary codes have been incorporated in the database design file, for easy validation of logs. English Log Translation setup is streamlined by loading these dictionary codes straight from the design file.

Graphic logs may also be prepared easily by setting up a Coal Borehole Graphics specification and nominating to ‘Use CoalLog Standard’.

The full suite of CoalLog graphic symbols is available and the user can opt to print a legend with the subset of only those symbols occurring in the drillholes of the plot.

Alternatively a full suite of CoalLog symbols may be plotted.

Drillhole subsets or full drillhole database contents may be exported to csv format for submission to regulatory bodies or transfer to other companies running the CoalLog Standard.

‘State Government departments in both Queensland and NSW responsible for the archiving of coal exploration data currently encourage companies to provide their data in CoalLog format,’ Claire said.

‘They will soon make this Standard mandatory and companies which have not implemented it will experience significant issues achieving compliance.’

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