Maptek staff cover operational shortages

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Maptek is often contracted to provide staff to cover operational shortages. This may be for a few weeks to help a project stay on target, or on a regular basis to perform a particular task for which a site has limited resources.

Mine survey is one example. Maptek staff, operating the I-Site 8000 series hardware and processing results with I-Site Studio software, complete end-of-month survey and reconciliation efficiently and accurately. These regular contracts may extend for many years. The continuity of staff and equipment helps especially during transitional periods.Poitrel Mine, southeast of Moranbah township in Queensland’s Bowen Basin, is one such site. Leighton Contractors initially undertook all mine planning and surface mining operations at Poitrel. The first coal was mined in 2006, and BHP Billiton Mitsui Coal (BMC) took over operations in 2010.

The seams at Poitrel are faulted, and care is required to ensure the coal is mined cleanly to maximise its value. Overburden is moved through a combination of cast blasting, bulk dozer push and truck excavator activity. Coal is hauled to the run-of-mine stockpile or directly to the preparation plant bin for processing.

Laser survey is the best way to achieve the speed and accuracy required to keep the stockpile and pit models up to date. Between 2008 and 2012 Maptek Technical Services consultant Stephen Hoefler provided backup for the Poitrel mine planning team to help meet their project deadlines.

A registered surveyor, skilled in Vulcan and I-Site, Stephen routinely provides consulting, training and support, project and development work from Maptek Brisbane office.

Stephen started filling in as senior surveyor to guide Leighton surveyors for the day-to-day mine operation. He was also responsible for preparing and calculating reconciliation reports.

A survey management plan was developed, covering all aspects from pickup and set out procedures, GPS setup, naming and filing conventions, through work instructions to statutory plans.

Stephen also worked with the onsite geologists to develop a streamlined, repeatable process for updating accurate coal seam surfaces as new data became available.

When BMC took over management of Poitrel, Stephen continued to help the mine planning team during the transition from a contract operation to an owner-operated mine. A final handover to BMC appointed staff in October 2012 marked the end of Stephen’s hands-on involvement at Poitrel.

Maptek staff are only a phone call away for support, consulting, or filling in for site roles as the need arises.

Contact your local Maptek office to discuss your consulting needs.

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