Maptek supports emerging STEM talent with computer science prize

Monday, May 13th, 2024

Will Smart is the 2024 recipient of the Maptek Computer Science prize, v by Maptek Head of Experimentation and Technology, Simon Ratcliffe. 

Will is currently studying for a double degree, working towards graduating in 2024 with a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Electrical and Electronic) and a Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Sciences. 

While he attributes hard work to playing a part in achieving good results, he also thinks it important to do something you are genuinely interested in, quoting the old saying, find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life. Will also learnt a lot by taking the time to develop skills through side projects and volunteering expertise.

‘Computer Science provides such a variety of different problems to solve. You could be working on a user-friendly GUI one day, and then on a highly performant data processing pipeline the next. There’s something for everyone’, he said.

Ratcliffe said that it was always an honour and pleasure to be involved in such presentation events.

‘This is even more so when so many of the recipients are familiar faces that have been engaged in Maptek projects during their graduate studies,’ he said.

‘Partnering between our emerging technical talent, their educational institutions and industry generally is a vital part of growing Australia’s prosperity. I’m sure Will Smart will continue making a significant contribution to this in coming years. Congratulations to him and all the other award winners’, Ratcliffe concluded.

Will Smart and Simon Ratcliffe at the annual University of Adelaide prize-giving ceremony.

Will expressed his gratitude to Maptek’s support through the award. It has given him an understanding of what achievements are possible with dedication and commitment. 

‘On a personal note, it has given me a greater level of confidence in my abilities and will help me to slowly overcome the imposter syndrome that is often felt as a young professional entering the workforce’, he said.

As for the future, Will sees a lot of interesting opportunities. His internship experiences have been in various unrelated areas. 

‘I enjoyed them all, but if I had to give an answer, my dream career sits somewhere at the intersection of hardware and software’, he concluded.

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