New mid-range I-Site 8400 laser scanner released

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Mining technology specialist Maptek unveiled the new I-Site 8400 laser scanner at Intergeo in Germany at the end of September.

Built at the Maptek I-Site manufacturing facility in Adelaide, South Australia, the I-Site 8400 has been launched following the international success of the long range I-Site 8800.  The streamlined I-Site 8400 laser scanner is the ideal option for sites requiring routine survey, topographic and volumetric tasks. It is a lighter instrument (weighing only 12kg), with internal digital compass, onboard controls, and USB memory storage.

The maximum range of 1000m and accuracy within 20mm suits most mine applications, such as daily pit pick-ups and stockpile monitoring/reconciliation.

The robust quality and ergonomic design of the I-Site 8800 laser scanner have been retained in the I-Site 8400, and it too is capable of handling large survey workloads in the field. Mobile scanning is conducted easily by fitting the scanner to site vehicles with the Maptek I-Site vehicle mount.

‘The I-Site 8400 more than meets market demands for a ruggedised, simple topographic survey instrument,’ said Athy Kalatzis, Manager of Maptek’s laser scanning business unit.

‘Data is captured and stored on removable memory by controls incorporated into the scanner. Connection to a tablet PC is optionally available for extra scan resolutions,’ he added.

The I-Site 8400 meets the high standard Maptek sets for all of its hardware. All components are extensively tested and quality assured. The scanner has been optimised to operate in surface conditions ranging from below zero to 50°C, and can also be used underground.

All data captured using the I-Site 8400 laser scanner can easily be viewed using Maptek I-Site Studio software, which has a host of features and tools to quickly turn scan data into valuable results, and is the preferred point cloud processing software for topographic and mine surveyors globally.

Larger operations often have more than one scanner to cover all bases. Operations with both I-Site 8800 and I-Site 8400 scanners will be able to optimise survey productivity by choosing the appropriate scanner for the task. The economic I-Site 8400 is a flexible workhorse, while the I-Site 8800 offers longer range and an integrated high resolution digital panoramic camera for specialised face mapping and geotechnical analysis.

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