New scheduling functionality released in Evolution 4.7

Friday, July 7th, 2017

Maptek has released Evolution 4.7 with numerous upgrades and enhancements for Strategy and Origin scheduling modules. Users will benefit from improved flexibility and run-times. The scheduling workflow between Vulcan mine planning software and Evolution has also been improved. 

Evolution is an agile, dynamic solution for targeting complex, real world challenges. It provides enterprise level strategic and tactical tools for scheduling and optimising in open cut mining.

Evolution delivers systematic production schedules along with a practical development plan and is intelligent enough to concurrently consider multiple objectives, so there is no need to aggregate data.


Key upgrades in Evolution Strategy 4.7 include new global constraints options to help drive the scheduler. Enhanced capability allows for valuing blended schedules which meet either product or process constraints. Users can now dynamically adjust fixed costs when mining is completed, useful for when the mine moves to a stockpile rehandle mode and the administrative costs are adjusted accordingly.

New algorithms in Evolution Origin 4.7 provide engineers with additional options when configuring and optimising equipment fleets. Tonnage constraints on waste utilities allows users to force material to certain waste dumps by period, effectively forcing Origin to long haul scheduling.

The next scheduling milestone on the Maptek technology roadmap, Evolution 5.0, will deliver an updated interface for scheduling with attributed solids in Origin. Users will be able to schedule with models or solids and, for the first time, seamlessly schedule stratigraphic reserves with Evolution. Evolution 5.0 is the precursor to the Maptek activity-based solution which will facilitate critical short term planning.

Maptek recognises the importance of an holistic approach to open pit and underground scheduling that combines period and activity-based schedule optimisation and we aim to deliver this total solution.

Evolution 4.7 provides the foundation for this long term objective alongside upgraded functionality for immediate benefit.

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