Short Term Scheduling to come in Vulcan 8.1

Friday, June 11th, 2010

The Vulcan Short Term Planner offers speed, precision and flexibility at the planning stage, delivering productivity increases never achieved before in the important task of short and medium term planning.

The new decision tool allows users to analyse various scenarios in advance, and is adaptable to each operation. The Vulcan Short Term Planner is a collection of scheduling modules. One of these is the Sequence Accumulation Reporting tool, which allows users to interact directly with block models to generate the amount of product required. Multiple variable cut-off grades can be applied, without having to pre-calculate them.

Scheduling of the blocks is accomplished interactively and quickly across solids, without establishing predefined cutoffs, using linear and radial accumulation techniques. This accumulation is restricted to each period of the plan across the mine and plant targets. It is fully user configurable.

Restrictions can be applied for capacities, hours of crushing, product quantity or any variable in the block model which can be accumulated. The fact that it does not need predefined cutoffs, and interacts with the block model, leads to reduced data preparation time, allowing users to focus on the generation of plans and analysis of results.

Users can define stockpiles for multiple products, modify targets, change cutoffs and alter equipment positions easily. It is also possible to configure initial stockpiles and their extraction sequence to simulate various scenarios for material rehandling.

Reporting is based on spreadsheets and can be visualised within the Vulcan environment. It is fully integrated with statistics and other Vulcan tools.

Clients using the Vulcan Short Term Planner include Cía Minera Doña Inés de Collahuasi and Minera Esperanza.

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