Talent, curiosity and focus ensure Emily claims Maptek Prize

Friday, May 13th, 2022

A love of design process and problem solving drives 2022 Maptek Prize for Computer Science winner Emily Duhne as she works towards her dream career.

The University of Adelaide student was this month recognised as the top 2021 second-year student in Computer Science subjects.

Emily studies a double degree with Electrical and Electronic Engineering, majoring in autonomous systems, and feels the topics complement each other extremely well.

‘On one side I am able to learn about logic gates and chips, while on the other hand I can use these technologies to program high level logic,’ Emily says.

‘With a desire to do the best I can possibly do, I feel that good organisation skills in conjunction with the ability to prioritise have helped me to achieve great results.

‘I don’t like to do things half-heartedly so I always put my all into each assignment and test.

‘I feel this extra effort sets me apart from others.’

2022 Maptek Prize winner Emily Duhne with Maptek Head of Experimentation and Technology Simon Ratcliffe.

Emily’s dream is to work in cutting-edge technology, ideally in the areas of machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

‘At the moment I am really interested in computer vision and would love to further explore this.

‘This award has helped give me a confidence boost in my final year of university.

‘I am extremely thankful to Maptek for sponsoring this prize and giving me the encouragement to continue working hard.‘

A Research Science Cadet role at Defence Science and Technology Group, which Emily started in 2019, has given her a chance to shape her research into new and exciting fields.

‘The most enjoyable and satisfying aspect is that my contribution helps aid in Australia’s defence capability.’

Maptek Head of Experimentation and Technology Simon Ratcliffe says Emily’s ability to excel across a broad spectrum of endeavours seems to come from a great combination of talent, curiosity and focus.

‘Emily is not afraid of a challenge,’ Ratcliffe says.

‘Our future world needs people like Emily and Maptek is very proud to acknowledge her achievements and help her on her way to a career of achievement and making a difference.’

Budding engineers and geologists have been supported by Maptek for several decades through software and training provided to universities globally.

You can find out more about Maptek university partnerships here: www.maptek.com/university

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