Vulcan 8.1 new Stope Optimiser

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

The integrated stope optimiser in the next release of Vulcan, version 8.1, is all about the quick assessment of multiple underground scenarios.

Maptek Vulcan stope optimiser is a fully integrated tool for producing optimised mineable regions. It reads a Vulcan block model with either grade or economic information and outputs a series of mineable shape triangulations.
Multiple scenarios can be set up and visually compared using section or plan polygons or triangulations.
Minimum pillar dimensions or exclusion zones can be considered by the optimiser for a more accurate design. Flexible configuration means the tool can be applied to very steep orebodies or even horizontal benches, making it workable for open pit scenarios or horizontal underground designs.
Detailed output reports allow analysis and comparison of results, with stope triangulations ready for design, reserve and/or scheduling. Considerable time savings and better targeting of mineable zones can be achieved with the stope optimiser.
Fully integrated within the Vulcan 3D environment, it is the ideal platform for quick stope design for underground engineers. Results are optimised, meaning time can be spent in evaluating several alternatives rather than in
time-consuming manual design.

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