Webinar: The future of geological modelling is here!

Wednesday, March 24th, 2021

Geologists begrudge the time spent in setting up software panels and data validation for modelling, mostly because it takes them away from the more interesting, interpretive aspects of their work. 

Having invested for the past four years developing a machine learning engine to crunch geological data, Maptek has determined that a change in work practice is also required to benefit from the data-driven processes that artificial intelligence delivers. 

In this free 30 minute webinar, we’ll demonstrate how the dynamic interface and streamlined workflow of Vulcan GeologyCore represents a new paradigm. 

Geologists will no longer need to remember the manual steps required for data validation, chart creation and database manipulation. Instead they can easily test different domaining scenarios and see live statistics, gaining confidence in the data before sending it to an implicit modelling or machine learning engine.

After all, a geologist’s time is better spent making decisions about geology, rather than setting up software programs!

Webinar: Integration: The future of geological modelling

Date: Wednesday March 31

Watch the webinar

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