MineSuite Information
Management Systems

Collect and manage near real time information from production processes and equipment

Provide accessible, accurate and timely data for confident decision making around reducing costs and improving productivity.

MineSuite solutions

MineSuite systems help operations to manage resources in a decentralised way, providing a holistic view of equipment, tasks, shift and personnel requirements and availability for effective planning.

  • Data acquisition, validation, visualisation and reporting, material tracking and reconciliation across the mining value chain.
  • Collect data and manage mobile fleet and fixed plant.
  • Site communications and data management are improved through a system approach.
  • Collect and report on fleet management and proximity awareness.


  • Combine all data relating to production processes into accurate operational models and report on key indicators that affect productivity.
  • Systems development leverages the connection between mine planning & scheduling and production reporting & material movement.
  • Seamless integration with third party systems alongside real-time processing and routing of data and information.
  • Automated data acquisition in difficult communications environments for near real-time data transmission.
  • Minimal investment in IT and communications infrastructure, support and maintenance.

The right place at the right time - Case Study

MineSuite IntelliTags represent a new generation of location tracking and relative positioning technology to replace traditional RFI technology underground.

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Efficient train loading and dispatch - Case Study

An iron ore supplier in South Africa is using MineSuite to maximise the capacity available from their rail transport service provider.

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Khumani Iron Ore Mine - Case Study

MinLog MineSuite™ plays a crucial role in turning information into knowledge that can be applied to decisions which improve operational productivity and efficiency.

The roles and information depicted in this scenario reflect the day-to-day benefits of the MineSuite deployment at the Khumani Iron Ore Mine in South Africa.

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Stockpile management - Case Study

A well-established underground manganese mine in the Northern Cape province of South Africa improved its stockpile management methodology using MineSuite™.

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Integrated production reconciliation - Case Study

MinLog developed a unique MineSuite configuration, providing a single system which integrates with third-party systems for accurate, timely grade reconciliation.

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