Maptek I-Site technology gains a foothold in booming Indian resources industry

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Maptek™ has announced the first sale of its award-winning I-Site™ scanning technology into the dynamic Indian mining market.

Maptek provides easy-to-use high technology surveying solutions with industrial site safety in mind. I-Site 4400 scanners combine a 3D laser imaging instrument with panoramic, high resolution digital photography for measuring large scenes accurately.

GULF OIL, headquartered in Hyderabad, is a large diverse group with industrial lubricants, industrial explosives and speciality chemicals. GULF OIL also undertakes contracts for complete mining operations and civil constructions under IDLconsult Division. GULF OIL is one of the top 500 companies in India.

Currently GULF OIL is the largest mining contractor in India and has been doing its homework on laser scanning technology over several months.

‘GULF OIL chose Maptek because of our willingness to see their vision of building their consulting and services group into a market leader in India and beyond’, said I-Site Product Marketing Manager, Raj Elakarra.

‘Maptek’s mining industry experience and integrated hardware and software technology systems were key factors in the sale,’ he added. ‘Multiple export formats for data, such as the latest dxf and vrml file types in particular, provide the flexibility demanded by large multi-product operations.’

‘I-Site scanners have a well-established reputation now in the earth moving industries for ease-of-use and getting the job done, whether it’s for surveying large excavation sites or calculating material volumes for drill & blast applications.’

‘We are already seeing the benefits from participating in last year’s showcase of Australian expertise in mining technology and services to industry leaders in Kolkata,’ Elakarra said.

‘Resource rich countries such as India are looking to invest heavily in innovative products and technology that will help improve exploration and extraction efficiencies and, ultimately yield, to feed a market hungry for commodities,’ he concluded.

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