Maptek selects Objectivity/DB for next generation of mining software solutions

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

Objectivity/DB, the leading real-time data management solution for software applications with complex data management requirements, has been selected by Maptek as a key part of their platform for their next generation of products, including Maptek Vulcan, I-Site, and MineSuite.The first deployment of Objectivity/DB will occur in a new version of Maptek’s I-Site software, a tool that allows users in the mining, engineering and forensics industries to collect, model and manipulate millions of scanned data points captured from high performance laser scanners. The Maptek I-Site product family is used to capture detailed 3D laser images, high-resolution photos and survey data.

Objectivity/DB will satisfy two critical requirements of Maptek’s next generation solutions: the ability to scale over time without loss of performance and the ability to process massive amounts of data in real-time. The transition to Objectivity/DB is part of Maptek’s long-term strategy to seek innovative and efficient ways of meeting customer needs.

‘Utilizing Objectivity/DB will significantly reduce development time for our next generation of products, enabling us to innovate faster and deliver leading-edge solutions to our customers,’ said Barry Henderson, CEO of Maptek.

For Objectivity, the deal represents expansion into a burgeoning market with many opportunities for growth.

‘We are thrilled that Maptek has selected Objectivity/DB as part of its innovation strategy moving forward,’ said Jay Jarrell, president and CEO of Objectivity, Inc.  ‘Maptek has taken an important step to ensure the viability of their products far into the future.’

Objectivity/DB has a fully scalable, distributed processing architecture that manages localized, centralized or distributed object databases by synthesizing large, complicated streams of data into a single logical view.

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