Maptek BlastLogic

Purchasing Options

Maptek product purchasing options and corporate policies are established with users in mind. Our mission is to provide the information needed to optimise your software investment.

BlastLogic is an enterprise solution that can be implemented at scale in an integrated, robust and repeatable way. BlastLogic is bundled into 3 components that are purchased collectively.

BlastLogic Enterprise System
The Enterprise System consists of the server, SQL database, license server, and a supported drill navigation interface. It also includes pre-configuration, build and packaging customised to site requirements. This system provides a perpetual license which is scalable, providing scope to extend the system to multiple sites. Client seats and Tablet instances incur additional costs.

Client seats & Tablet instances
The front end software components of BlastLogic comprise Client seats for the office and Tablet instances for field use. These are purchased as annual subscriptions.

Enterprise System Maintenance, Enhancement and Technical Support
This component allows access to technical product support via telephone, email or Skype. Software upgrades are provided as new features are released. This component includes maintenance of the BlastLogic Enterprise System installed at site.

Two purchasing options are available - outright purchase and subscription.


  • One time purchase of Enterprise System
  • Annual subscription of Client seats & Tablet instances
  • Following term, annual maintenance & subscription fees apply


  • Allows operations to use operating rather than capital budget
  • Annual subscription, renewable from 12-month fixed term
  • Enterprise System Maintenance, Enhancement & Technical Support included
  • Following term, annual maintenance & subscription fees apply

*Discount options are available. Contact your local Maptek office for more information