Maptek Geology Challenge

Machine learning is new, exciting technology that is proving successful in generating rapid models using large quantities of data.

One of the biggest benefits of machine learning is that it leaves more time for geological analysis and evaluation. The Geology Challenge offered the chance for you to experience the benefits first hand, and to come up with novel ways to increase the value of your deposit.

We encourage you to participate in the next paradigm for geological modelling by learning new skills and applying them to your work. Contact us to learn more about DomainMCF.

The results are in! Judging is complete and we are pleased to announce the winners of the inaugural Maptek Geology Challenge:

Maptek Geology Challenge winners

1st prize: Henry Dillon, Golder

2nd prize: Reece Stewart, Toni Ayliffe and Georgie Rees, Anglo American

3rd prize: Matt Green, Evolution Mining


Submissions displayed a range of techniques and applications and we appreciated the effort all participants put into the report. The winning entries were strong examples of well defined problems, difficult to solve with traditional methods and the use of novel techniques and multiple data types to create a model using DomainMCF.

We anticipate running another challenge in 2022 and you can follow us on our social media platforms to keep up to date with the latest news from Maptek, including future announcements.

The Maptek Geology Challenge 2021 has been completed. You can contact us for information about DomainMCF.

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