Maptek Geology Challenge 2022

Experiment with the latest Maptek modelling techniques and machine learning on your project and win!

Machine learning is proving successful in generating rapid, realistic models from large quantities of data. Even the most complex of projects benefit from this data-driven approach.

Machine learning and automated workflows free up geologists from monotonous processes, allowing you to focus on interpretation and evaluation of alternative models.

The Maptek Geology Challenge offers the chance to experience firsthand the benefits, and to come up with novel ways to maximise project value.

Experiment with the latest modelling tools from Maptek on a project of your choice and win for yourself, and your company.

Challenge Details

  • The challenge will be held October 31 - November 4
  • Entry is free, registration by October 24 is essential for licensing
  • The winner will receive a personal prize of US$500
  • The winner's company will receive US$10,000 hours of DomainMCF
  • Submissions will be judged on novelty of approach

Geology Challenge 2022

Hear why you should enter


The theme for this year’s Geology Challenge is more than just domain modelling. This opens the challenge up to projects that model domains, grade trends, structures or other novel applications.

Just enter your details and a short, one-paragraph overview of the problem you want to solve and, if you’re selected to take part, you’ll have access to DomainMCF to experiment and find solutions!

Maptek will contact you to let you know if your submission has been accepted into the challenge and advise the terms and conditions for participation.

Maptek will provide the software licences and cloud services required, along with tutorials to help you get started. Regional success consultants will be available to provide support during the challenge.