The Maptek Geology Challenge

What is the Maptek Geology Challenge?

The Geology Challenge offers the chance to experiment with the latest Maptek geological modelling tools to demonstrate an innovative approach to a problem.

For geological models to be truly valuable, they must accurately represent the real world geology that industry professionals are trying to understand.

The techniques used play a key part in the successful outcome of any modelling project, alongside professional experience and expertise. Access to the latest Maptek software such as machine-learning assisted DomainMCF, Vulcan and GeologyCore, allows participants to experiment with tools and workflows that they can then bring into daily practice.

The Maptek Geology Challenge offers a chance to win personal and company prizes. It has concluded for 2023 and will return in 2024.

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Hear from the winner of the 2023 Maptek Geology Challenge

Geology Challenge themes & winners by year


Maptek invited customers from across professional industry disciplines to experiment with the latest geological modelling tools to control the complexity of their dataset.

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Caroline Burden

Engineering Geologist
1st Place

Anthony Bottrill

Principal Resource Geologist InterGEO Resource Consulting
2nd Place

Evelyn Charlesworth

Kōmanawa Solutions
3rd Place


The 2022 Geology Challenge was won for a project that created alternative geological models to better understand water-bearing structures on a disseminated nickel deposit.

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Cathy Barton

Senior Geologist
1st Place

Yerniyaz Abildin

Postdoctoral Researcher University of Adelaide
2nd Place

John Florek

Apical Exploration
3rd Place


Maptek set a challenge to geologists to apply the latest software tools to a geology related application of their choice, with an emphasis on innovation.

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Henry Dillon

Senior Geologist
Golder Associates (now Maptek)
1st Place

Reece Stewart, Georgie Rees, Toni Ayliffe

Anglo American Metallurgical Coal
2nd Place

Matt Green

Evolution Mining
3rd Place