Maptek Evolution

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Evolution?

Evolution is an agile, enterprise level solution for maximising the value of your open pit operation. Medium, long-term and strategic life of mine schedules optimise resource recovery and reduce operating costs.

How long does it take to get started with Evolution?

Evolution is an out-of-the-box open pit scheduling solution; there is no need for costly start-up or ongoing customisation. The user-friendly interface is consistent for all of your projects or sites. Users can begin generating schedules within hours and no programming skills are required. Cloud-based processing generates multiple scheduling scenarios that are fully auditable while users continue with other work.

New schedules are easily seeded from previously run schedules.

Can Evolution handle blending products across multiple pit areas?

The dynamic multi-blending and stockpiling approach in Evolution allows you to combine different attributes to get the right mix for maximising value in any period. The solution combines strategic production schedules with development plans.

Can I define variable grade cut-off per period?

Evolution dynamically calculates the cut-off grade for any period so users can send the best resources at any time.

How is the haulage fleet optimised?

Haulage is a major cost contributor to open pit operations. Evolution's ability to simultaneously develop schedules and waste dumps provides a unique opportunity to optimise material movement in the building of waste landforms and thus minimise haulage costs. Evolution takes into account several factors, including where each block will be mined from, the time it takes to be transported to its destination, the return trip time and fuel burn.

Can I use my block model directly for scheduling?

One advantage of Evolution is the ability to read a Vulcan block model file (.bmf). This gives mine planners access to all of the relevant information contained in the block model to use during the scheduling process. Users can also access other mine planning block models through a .csv file which is simple to import. Topographic data can also be imported.

Do schedules change if block models are updated?

The connection with the block model allows users to respond to different questions when the information is changed or updated, ensuring an accurate schedule at any time. When the geological block model changes the schedule is updated.

What output is generated?

Evolution generates detailed schedules which can be dynamically visualised and easily shared. Systematic production schedules and practical, high value development plans help operations optimise mine life and meet product specifications per period. Users can export .dxf and .csv models and end of period maps.

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