Maptek FieldHHC

FieldHHC icon.

Maptek has released the FieldHHC as a product in its own right alongside the R3 mkII laser scanners.

The in-field tablet controller FieldHHC has long been the surveyor’s trusted field assistant. It follows standard survey set up and scan georeferencing, enabling users of Maptek laser scanning systems to enjoy the most efficient survey experience.

A new add-on design conformance tool helps surveyors instantly recognise in the field whether pit walls are conforming to design. Issues can be resolved more quickly rather than waiting for office processing. Dynamic reporting and cross section output means everyone stays up to date.

FieldHHC combines a powerful, simple GUI with impressive, intuitive features for controlling your survey workflow. The user-friendly interface offers:

  • Field registration
  • Dynamic 3D view
  • Immediate view of scans
  • Measuring tools
  • Design conformance
  • RTK GPS integration
  • Multi-language support
In-field conformance of as-built to design on FieldHHC

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