Automated point cloud fragmentation analysis

Maptek and PETRA have collaborated to offer interoperable AI powered fragmentation analysis suitable for use on a wide variety of point cloud data.

FRAGx logo.

The PETRA FRAGx solution is available with Maptek PointStudio or PointModeller, enabling fast and reliable fragmentation assessment using AI on point cloud data from any source. FRAGx is able to process large volumes of point clouds very quickly and consistently, making it an ideal solution for interoperability with other applications.

It provides mine staff with an easily accessible solution for managing fragmentation for blast optimisation, haulage, or mine-to-mill optimisation. FRAGx can analyse fragmentation performance on lower quality data commonly collected in production areas such as drawpoints or working production areas in open cut mines.

Adding value to point cloud data

FRAGx 3D fragmentation assessment removes people from harm's way by providing accurate analysis for hard to access areas such as underground drawpoints and open cut cast blasts.

FRAGx allows users to report on a customised range of size bins within the fragmentation range and determine the proportion of material in each bin. Processing is very fast and can be automated for continuous or repetitive data feeds such as drawpoints, where identifying oversized fragments can be critical to production and downstream process optimisation.

The 3D visualisation approach is supported by predictive blast analytics offered in Maptek BlastLogic, enabling an automated process to identify problems related to fragmentation before they create a risk to operations.

Features & benefits

  • Supports safe, productive operations
    Fast, automated reporting supports safety and production KPIs by predicting dig rates and monitoring blast performance
  • Automated 3D scaling for remote assessment
    Self-scaling enables automated, remote fragmentation assessment, with no manual adjustment required
  • Reliable results with your data
    Works even with distorted, noisy or lower precision point clouds often associated with datasets acquired from drone systems
  • Decision support system
    Automated process that can be integrated into your 3D spatial measurement workflow for identifying potential fragmentation problems early