Haul Road Tools

Report on haul road compliance quickly and accurately

Intuitive analysis tool for reporting on haul road compliance improves design processes and helps reduce operating costs.

Maintaining a safe working environment is a key objective for mining and civil earthwork operations. Well designed and maintained haul roads are key to mitigating risks in active envrionments, while minimising operational costs and improving productivity.

Maptek provides a simple solution that allows users to accurately report on haul road compliance. The visual tool helps operations comply with mandated design parameter regulations, and is available as an add-on to PointStudio and PointModeller.

Features & Benefits

Haul Road Tools allows users to quickly detect toe and and crest lines, crossfall grade, bund height/width and road width, providing a clear visual display of conformance or non-conformance. It works with as-built surfaces as well as design models.

  • Easily identify non-conformant areas for quick resolution
  • Apply to as-built surfaces as well as design models
  • Better road designs lead to safer operations
  • Minimise operational costs and improve productivity

Parameters include

  • Haul road width
  • Haul road grade
  • Crossfall/camber
  • Safety berm/bund height
  • Safety berm/bund width

Haul Road Tools is easy to use, requiring an approximate centreline for each roadway to be queried and an as-built surface. As-built surfaces can be simple stringline derived surfaces, or data from Maptek Drive mobile scanning, aerial lidar or UAV models.

Clear visual communication of conformant chainage against non-conformant areas supports decision making downstream, and helps identify where improvements are necessary. This approach improves the haul road design processes, as well as driving better planning, productivity and safety outcomes.

From the initial set up of applying the required mine settings through to the final generated line strings, the haul road compliance tool is simple to use. We can now highlight to production what areas need attention, to provide our workforce with a safe working environment and comply with regulatory requirements. A great feature of this report is the ability to select individual CAD line strings as required. Tony Morgan, Senior Site Surveyor OCE, Downer Mining