Maptek Laser Scanning and Change Detection

Advanced Maptek sensor technologies provide a safe, accurate and versatile solution for detecting change in mining and industrial environments. The easy to use hardware systems are integrated with powerful software for generating accurate and reliable data for analysis and reporting.

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Design Conformance

Collect and analyse detailed information to track conformance of site activities to designs to optimise digging and ensure safe operations. Easily visualise non-conformance and share results for immediate decision making.

Change Detection

Detect changes in surfaces above and underground. Set frequency of data collection and thresholds for automatic notifications. View data in near real time and display and share reports on the extent and rate of movement.

Failure Analysis

Conduct geotechnical assessments with confidence and statistical accuracy. Maptek technology allows geotechnical teams to assess how the pit is performing to design and provide timely advice on how to reduce risk.

Site Monitoring

Integrated data capture, monitoring and analysis solution allows site personnel to track and report on movements that have the potential to interrupt activity.Set tolerances for notification of surface movements and visualise changes in 3D.

Tailings Dam Deformation

Safely survey dam walls from remote standoff. Stability analysis can be conducted on high resolution Maptek laser scans and accompanying digital imagery for natural materials. Track surface movements and analyse deformation trends with Sentry laser-based monitoring system.

Analysing shallow slope failure

PointStudio helped to model the factor of safety for analysing shallow slope failure in a hard rock quarry in New Zealand.

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