Maptek Laser Scanning and Mine Survey

Maptek laser scanning systems provide streamlined setup and scan accuracy for the fastest and most reliable method of acquiring survey data. Maptek laser scanners are the only terrestrial laser scanners sealed to IP65 and ruggedised to withstand the tough mining environment.

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Topographic Survey

Fast, accurate and safe system for site survey and generating topographic maps. Maptek laser scanning systems can be setup on a tripod or vehicle for efficient operation. Integrated software allows for filtering and registering data and creating terrain models, contours and volume calculations.

Stockpile Volumes

Generate 3D models and accurate volumes to reconcile materials for indoor and outdoor stockpiles. Maptek laser scanning systems help you survey stockpiles safely, accurately and efficiently to meet reporting and contractor deadlines.

Mine Modelling

Conduct efficient pit surveys for routine reporting for mine planning. Maptek technology provides an integrated solution for all mine modelling tasks including pre- and post blast survey, toe and crest detection, geotechnical analysis and optimising equipment loads.

End of Month

Conduct efficient pit surveys for end-of-month reporting using Maptek laser scanning technology. Powerful tools and intuitive workflow in PointStudio allow surveyors to deliver fast and accurate pit surface updates.