Maptek Laser Scanning and Underground

Rugged hardware and specialised accessories combine with powerful modelling and analysis software to deliver a safe solution for underground survey applications. The Maptek laser scanner handles measuring voids, drives, and tunnels with ease. It has the versatility to handle interior silo survey and stockpile measurements.

Mine Measurement Home

Stope and Drive Survey

Mount the Maptek laser scanner onto a boom and place into the stope. The scanning aperture of 125 x 360 degrees allows the entire stope to be surveyed. Scans are automatically levelled in the correct orientation ready for modelling.

Drive Mapping

Pick up development headings and check the alignment of drives against designs. Advanced laser scan data processing allows users to easily remove artefacts such as services and vehicles to obtain an accurate drive shape.

Shotcrete Analysis

Measure surfaces before and after shotcrete fill to determine volumes. The Maptek SR3 laser scanner can be mounted on underground vehicles for easy transfer between setup locations. Scans are automatically levelled.

Rock Bolt Identification

Capture bolts at the same time as surveying underground drives. Streamlined software workflow creates a survey database of all support bolts as well as a 3D visual representation of the bolts. Data can be exported to other databases.

Stockpile Reconciliation

Safely survey underground and interior stockpiles for reconciliation of production and contractor reports. Maptek laser scanning systems are the fastest scan to deliverable solution for collecting accurate, survey grade scan data.