MineSuite FleetManager

A fleet management system that helps improve operational efficiency, productivity and safety

MineSuite FleetManager is a complete fleet management solution suitable for open cut or underground operations operating with a 24/7 staffed control room. Implementation is fully scalable to your operational requirements.

A truck on a mine site holding material.

The system reflects a mine-to-plan approach and operates in environments with less than ideal communication coverage. MineSuite technology finds the quickest data route between the equipment and the server to ensure robust and timely data transfer.

Production fleet is fitted with commercial off-the-shelf onboard field computer equipment, including a customisable user interface. This provides for automated data acquisition from vehicle management systems, payload sensors or any other data source sensors for contextually correct and accurate data recording.

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  • Onboard field computers and customisable user consoles
    Control room assignments and task list display; pre-start checklists and equipment KPMs for equipment operators and statistics display relevant to equipment type
  • Structured environment
    Set up utilities to model and configure any operation
  • Task scheduling and assignment
    Equipment task and/or assignment management
  • Online map
    Live online mapping to display equipment position and status on a mine map
  • Distributed Store and Forward
    Unique technology for robust data transfer in the absence of wireless network coverage
  • Material movement
    Material movement and quality tracking and certification
  • Payload metering
    Display truck tonnage in loader cab

Operators can access equipment efficiency, performance, utilisation and production statistics relevant to their role. For example, payload statistics can assist loader operators to optimise load mass.

Data from third party systems, including other fleet management systems, can be combined with MineSuite reporting options. Manual data entry and data validation is supported by user credential and authorisation management.

MineSuite FleetManager ensures the most reliable, cost-effective and fastest mine communication system to support your fleet system and data collection.

Workers on a mine site with a truck in the background.


  • A single version of the truth across all mining processes including fixed plant.
  • Cost effective solution with commercial off-the-shelf hardware.
  • Significant reduction in network infrastructure cost due to unique DSF technology.
  • Improved efficiency by managing truck payload and equipment allocation.
  • A robust mine-to-plan solution able to operate without a 24/7 control room operator.
  • Improved productivity arising from integration with other Maptek technologies.

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MineSuite IntelliTags represent a new generation of location tracking and relative positioning technology to replace traditional RFI technology underground.

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