Design Conformance Reporting

An add-on for PointStudio and PointModeller

Keep your operation safe with simple conformance reporting.

Accurate, timely data around conformance to design supports can dramatically improve operational safety and productivity, but transforming volume of data collected into decision support information often presents a challenge.

Maptek understands the value of accurate spatial data and timely reporting to the performance of your business. Streamlined and easy to use reporting tools can make a difference, and ensure that decisions are based on the latest data.

The Conformance reporting tool quickly compares a design surface to as-built and other surfaces. Users can create a panoramic conformance scene for instant visual confirmation on whether pit walls are conforming to design. The PDF export summarises sections, reporting on underdig, overdig and percentage of volume variance for each block, providing immediate and clear understanding of design conformance.

Users can customise templates, attach photographs and documents, and export professional conformance reports to support decision making in any operation.

Design conformance reporting


Create scene



Decision-support - Accurate, reliable data supports confident decision making across geology, geotechnical and mine planning teams

Streamlined workflow - Built in workflows, advanced analysis and easily customisable reporting

Safe operations - Meet operational KPIs for increased safety and risk management through comparing designs to digging

Design conformance is available as an add-on to PointStudio and PointModeller.