Fragmentation Analysis

An add-on for PointStudio and PointModeller

Drive constant operational improvement in drill and blast.

Improve mining performance by quickly producing accurate and detailed fragmentation analysis from 3D point clouds.

Blasting costs, schedule conformance, dig rates and crusher performance are all affected by fragmentation. Tracking metrics blast by blast helps understand blast design parameters and their impact on your mine performance.

Maptek software handles point cloud data in a range of file formats, and allows integration with third party acquisition devices, such as drones and UAVs.

The solution is suitable for high quality point cloud data from terrestrial LiDAR or UAV LiDAR.

How Fragmentation Analysis helps

Fragmentation Analysis generates a detailed PDF report on the classification of particle rock sizes, including a table of percentage values to size passing sieve with a corresponding S-curve graph.

Users can quickly view coloured particle rock sizes in 3D, making it easy to characterise any that are not correctly defined.

This approach uses spatial analysis techniques to identify rock sizes, eliminating the need for scale bars in the scene and other perspective effects that may influence 2D image-based fragmentation solutions.

Using PointStudio or PointModeller, 500,000 points can be processed in minutes, depending on the volume of input data.



Decision support - Improve equipment productivity, crusher throughput and blast performance

Spatial analysis - Using 3D data is more powerful and intuitive than relying on imagery

Versatility - Compare actual to predicted fragmentation in both underground and open pit environments

Fragmentation Analysis is available as an add-on to PointStudio and PointModeller.