Maptek PointStudio


An add-on for PointStudio and PointModeller

Generate textured surfaces and export orthomosaic photos.

Terrain specialists can now take full advantage of their drone or other mobile sensor images and extract extremely detailed point clouds to apply downstream for site mapping, stockpile volumetrics and geotechnical analysis.

Combining the power of the 3Dflow engine with a simple, intuitive interface allows users to generate textured surfaces from 2D images in minutes.



Users can select ground control points or register to existing data, with automatic identification of images with the same target.

Quickly reference point clouds to georeferenced targets or existing point clouds to ensure the resultant dense point cloud is as accurate as possible.

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Powered by 3Dflow for optimal photogrammetry solutions.


  • Import image files to generate an initial sparse point cloud before verifying
  • Easily bring in survey registration to georeference and scale drone data for optimal accuracy
  • Automatically identify images with targets based on selection
  • Efficient batch processing streamlines data input to deliverables