Maptek PointStudio

Underground reporting

An add-on for PointStudio and PointViewer

Easily compare designed and actual solids to identify overbreak and underbreak for safe operations.

Accurate, reliable reporting on underbreak and overbreak is critical for evaluating safe and economic underground development.

This automated reporting tool allows operations to quickly compare designed and actual solids. Drag and drop surveyed surfaces, design files and CAD lines into the reporting interface and generate reports in minutes.

Image and section views are supported by an overview that summarises areas of underbreak and overbreak as volumes and percentages, with associated costs.

Every solid can be visualised in PointStudio, where users can also interrogate overbreak and underbreak solids for volumes and other details to minimise risk and support safe operations underground.

Visualise surfaces and cross-sections for effective reporting on underbreak and overbreak



Decision-support - Quickly generate customisable reports for confident decision making.

Multiple applications - Minimise grade dilution, highlight unstable areas and analyse shotcrete thickness to reduce development costs.

Safe operations - Apply to development drives, stopes or crosscuts to quickly identify areas requiring attention.

Underground reporting is available as an add-on to PointStudio and PointViewer.