Mine Measurement Consulting

Maptek can help you to complete site survey tasks faster, safer and more accurately to meet reporting and contractor deadlines.

Open pit survey

Maptek can provide consulting services to survey your site using the latest Maptek laser scanning technology. Accurate survey data is collected with tripod based laser scanning or vehicle mounted mobile scanning.

Deliverables include up-to-date topographic maps, contours, toe and crest lines and volumes. Design conformance and haul road incline reports can also be generated. Highwalls can be surveyed with point cloud data applied to stability analysis, monitoring wall movement, geological and structural mapping.

Underground survey

Maptek can survey drives and stopes to generate an as-built model of underground workings and services and report on stope volumes. Results can be applied to drive development, and to determine the position and direction of rib-bolts. Geological mapping and geotechnical analysis can be performed in new drives where Shotcrete has not been applied. Shotcrete thickness and drive convergence analysis can be conducted over time.

Stockpile measurements

Maptek can survey silos, indoor and outdoor stockpiles and report accurate volumes. This can be accomplished with tripod based laser scanning, vehicle mounted mobile scanning, from elevated positions such as work platforms or catwalks, and through hatches.

Truck trays and excavator buckets

Maptek can laser scan truck loads for bulk density studies, carry-back analysis and to establish loading ability of different tray types. Results can help ensure appropriate equipment allocation, reveal issues such as under or overloading of trucks and identify areas for improvement. Excavator buckets can be scanned for as-built documentation and to determine the maximum bucket load volume.

Plant works

Maptek can use high accuracy laser scanning to provide an as-built record of processing plants. Deliverables include comparison to design and as-built CAD models. Collision detection can be performed to determine if a new piece of equipment will fit with existing infrastructure.

Forensic applications

High accuracy photographic-coloured laser scanning can be used to record a crime or accident scene. The data can be used for crime scene reconstruction and forensic analysis such as determining line of sight or bullet trajectories. Animations, images, 3D PDFs and other deliverables can be produced for use in court.