Vulcan Consulting

Make the most of your Maptek products

Maptek provides a full range of services to help Vulcan users optimise the operation of their mine throughout the entire mining life cycle.

Geological Modelling & Evaluation

Maptek can integrate disparate geospatial and geophysical data to build 3D orebody models that accurately represent your resource. This can be presented to stakeholders involved in the project acquisition and feasibility stages of mining.

Evaluating your mine resource helps to determine mine constraints and develop an effective mine model. We conduct resource modelling using the latest Horizon Adaptive Regular Prism (HARP) and implicit modelling techniques, as well as regular block models, stratigraphic grids and triangulation creation.

Mine Planning & Optimisation

Maptek can perform resource estimations, optimisations and pit designs efficiently and effectively. We can help you perform tasks such as site layouts, grade control, drainage planning, drill & blast design, section plotting, block modelling and pit optimisation and haul road design. Various techniques, including nearest neighbour, unfolding and kriging tools can be applied for accurate grade estimation.


Maptek scheduling tools can be applied to analyse, manage and report mine production information. Maptek can help clients easily investigate alternative schedule scenarios and determine key performance indicators for formulating and monitoring scheduling decisions.

Workflows and scripting

Maptek can develop and implement apply lava scripts for design objects, block models and ODBC databases. Automating process workflows for grade control, grade estimation and reserving can significantly reduce time for routine repetitive tasks. We can help set up and manage databases for drillhole, geophysical and geotechnical data.