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Online training with Maptek - what it is, why it helps you, and how to start using it to get more done.

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Free Vulcan Essentials Free

Are you new to Vulcan? This free online training mini-course will help you open and view existing data.

Main Topics

  • Load Data
  • Settings for Efficiency
  • Section Views

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Open Pit Drill and Blast New

Drill and blast designs are crucial for downstream mining success. Knowing how to layout and load blast holes, run blast reports, edit holes, and adjust explosive tie-ins will help you create effective designs and increase blast accuracy and blast safety.

Main Topics

  • Best practices for drill pattern design.
  • How to tie-up blast holes and run analyses on your explosives design.
  • Techniques to help you adjust your blast for optimal safety.
  • Tips on modifying existing blasts and blast holes.

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Introduction to Vulcan

Data is key to streamlining any operation at your mine. Knowing how to work with, and analyze, that data helps you get your job done faster, allowing you to increase productivity, accuracy, and safety at your operation.

Main Topics

  • How to set up Vulcan to streamline your workflow
  • Best practices for working with your exploration data
  • How to visualize data in real-world space
  • Tips-and-tricks for creating and troubleshooting triangulations

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Getting started with Design Data

Design Data is at the heart of your mine design and geologic interpretations. To truly get the most out of your data, you need to be able to understand data structures, work intuitively in section view, and know the best tips to customize your workflow.

Main Topics

  • How to create, modify, and analyse 3D structures and geologic interpretations.
  • Best practices for applying design attributes and features for data consistency.
  • To intuitively work in section and rotated views.
  • How to optimise your workflow with new tools and tips.

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Getting started with Drillholes and Databases

Learn how to view, analyse, and manipulate drillhole data quickly and easily with Vulcan.

Main Topics

  • Create Databases
  • Database Connection
  • Legends
  • View Drillholes
  • Data Validation
  • Analyse Data
  • Edit Databases
  • Drillhole Planning

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Getting started with Orebody Modelling

This course covers common Vulcan triangulation tasks. It is suitable for geologists in both underground and open pit operations

Main Topics

  • Triangulation Overview
  • Create Triangulations
  • Validate Triangulations
  • Triangulate Complex Orebodies
  • Common Workflow Solutions
  • Repair Triangulations

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