Applying my Geostatistics Course training

The Citation Program in Applied Geostatistics is both challenging and practical in its design and application. The four-week course provides mining professionals with knowledge in the theory and use of modern geostatistical tools. I took the course in Denver in 2012, and have only good things to say about my experience and takeaways.  

Thanks to the course and our instructor, Dr Clayton Deutsch, I now have a deeper understanding of proper resource estimation techniques, and knowledge of how to correctly approach new problems and datasets. Beforehand, I understood the main ideas behind grade estimation and resource model construction.  What was missing, however, was the conceptual knowledge to deliver and defend the results I produced. I also lacked the knowhow to take estimating grades one step further by appropriately checking results and testing my parameters.

Throughout the course students are assigned problems to solve, and then tasked with proving and defending each decision rationally and mathematically.  This provides greater confidence in decision making, as students learn exactly what goes into a calculation.

I left the course with a whole new set of tools for approaching basically any type of deposit with any amount of data.  Learning the uncertainty associated with a deposit and correctly applying that to the estimation makes datasets with very few drillholes seem less intimidating and more feasible.

Knowing what the best methodology is and how to apply it has saved me time, ultimately making my clients more productive and cost efficient.  Being able to look at a dataset, gain some regional knowledge of the deposit, and confidently move forward is extremely important. A crucial takeaway is being able to backup the decisions I make,  both conceptually and quantitatively, which is key for effective resource estimation.

I highly recommend the citation course, no matter your background and/or job description.  You will learn all of the key elements for accurately estimating and checking a resource, while gaining exposure to cutting edge techniques and practices in Geostatistics.

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Jim Philpott
Project Geologist
March 12, 2014

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