Maptek Consulting: When you lack the time or in-house resources

My name is Chuck Yarbrough and I’m a Vulcan Solutions Engineer with Maptek. You may know who Maptek is through products such as Vulcan or I-Site, but did you know Maptek also provides consulting throughout the entire mining life cycle, from feasibility studies to end of the mining life?

I am relatively new to Maptek. In my past employment, I was a mining consultant and didn’t know about Maptek consulting services until we were short staffed and in desperate need of an additional mining engineer to design an underground, sub-level stope operation for a feasibility study. The consulting company could not justify hiring an additional engineer just for this particular project nor did the project schedule allow for the lag time to hire an engineer. Maptek was able to begin work on the project within weeks and started the design work quickly. The work was completed and the consulting company was able to submit the feasibility study on time.

This story may hit home for some, or open  eyes for others. Sometimes, as hard as we try, we just cannot do it all. Running operations or conducting a study can be demanding with many simultaneous tasks. You may have many urgent matters that must be taken care of, but not enough staff to deliver results in a timely manner. Or, you may find yourself in a situation where you can handle all the day-to-day demands, but need help with those longer-term or neglected projects that could increase your productivity. When you lack the time or in-house resources, Maptek can help. Our consulting team brings together the best mine software technology with expert engineers and geologists to deliver prompt results.

You might be asking yourself, “Why Maptek for consulting?” Maptek’s engineering consultants are expert users of Vulcan and can hit the ground running for most projects. There is also no need to transfer data to another software, reducing the chance of transfer errors. Maptek delivers solid business outcomes through capable people, efficient systems, and quality products, applying them all to your project.

Other Maptek Consulting services that you may not know of are:

  • Site implementation
  • Documentation
  • Custom scripts
  • File structure/data management

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Chuck Yarbrough
Vulcan Solutions Engineer
September 24, 2014

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