Step by step guide to complex pit design in Vulcan

Maptek Bite Size videos are a great resource. Five minute videos for you to quickly learn new ways when using Maptek products.

The latest Bite Size video request comes from a customer in Australia. A mining engineer from Rio Tinto has asked for a how-to video covering Vulcan pit design tools.

Quan Tran, Vulcan Technical Consultant, was happy to take on the challenge. Quan has created this step-by-step guide on how to use the complex pit design functionality available in Vulcan. He also provides tips on using advanced options in the ramp design tool.

Complex pit design tools are particularly useful for pits requiring multiple batter angles. Traditionally, you would have have to manually assign batter angles. Vulcan uses pre-defined triangulations to make use of advanced design features.

You can find the pit design tools under Open Pit > Ramps > Design Pit/Dump.

New Bite Size videos are added fortnightly. Be sure to check in and see the next topic covered by a Maptek expert.

A selection of the videos are hosted on, to see the full collection, log into the Maptek Users Area.

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October 20, 2014

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