Benefit Studies

Dashboard delivers on data analytics

A coal mine in Queensland uses dynamic dashboards to display the latest drill and blast information to better inform planning, designs and scheduling.

Digital rethinking

Digitalisation has changed the way drill and blast is perceived at one of Africa’s largest coal mines, leading to better recovery and improved safety.

Innovative charge design

Maptek BlastLogic provides a workflow that allows operations to recalculate charge rules based on pit conditions.

Digital explosives inventory management

Proper tracking and handling of explosives is crucial to mine safety and efficiency, and going digital is key to ensuring operational improvement.

Benchmarking drill & blast

Maptek BlastLogic enables improved design compliance monitoring and downstream productivity optimisation across Anglo American’s open pit operations.

Digitalisation of drill and blast

Implementing Maptek BlastLogic at a gold mine has improved day-to-day operations and provided greater business intelligence for future mining excellence.

Improving drill & blast workflow

Collaboration between Maptek and Sasol is improving drill & blast workflow and outcomes through better validation of field data.

Measure, audit and improve drill and blast

Implementing BlastLogic has enabled a large South American copper mine to realise a 60% increase in efficiency in key processes.

Scaled depth of burial for optimal blasts

Automatic calculation and update of charge rules based on specified site blast outcomes optimises material confinement and ensures best practice.

Reporting for success

Maptek BlastLogic provides advanced reporting around drill and blast, allowing operations to benchmark the process for identifying and realising areas for improvement.

Drillhole Hardness

Modelling hole penetration and drillhole hardness and incorporating them in designs allows operations to improve blast design. Interoperability with exploration, drillhole and mine planning systems adds value to drill and blast management.

Increase Performance and Production

Getting the blast right can have a positive effect for other processes. BlastLogic provides the key to managing and improving drill & blast operations, ensuring digging rates, load efficiency, safety, crusher performance and ore recovery are optimised.

Vibration sensitive blasts

BlastLogic allows mining engineers to optimise blast performance while keeping within recommended vibration limits.

Modelling Blast Hardness

Productivity and cost challenges in the mining industry require innovative changes across every area of operational activity and technology. BlastLogic provides operations with a strategic tool for drill and blast.

Incident resolution with BlastLogic

BlastLogic manages all site historical drill and blast data, allowing a focus on resolution and improvement following incidents.

Add value to GPS drilling data

BlastLogic provides easy access to GPS drilling data as well as the tools for integration into your drill and blast process for continual improvement.

Taking Control of Drill and Blast

Mine sites in Australia are discovering the benefits of BlastLogic intelligent database and reporting tools.

The Rock Factory

BlastLogic provides mining operations with a strategic tool
to ensure the most efficient use of equipment for processing ore.

Blast Accuracy and Confidence

BlastLogic targets productivity at surface mines by delivering immediate access to all operational drill and blast data for analysis. Wesfarmers Curragh Mine introduced BlastLogic in 2012 with a smooth transition to electronic data entry and managed blast monitoring.

Consistent Predictable Drill and Blast

Data reliability, disjointed systems and inefficient workflow can impact the drill and blast process. BlastLogic addresses these challenges by delivering immediate access to disparate drill and blast operational data within an easy-to-use and easy-to-view interface.