Highwall stability in longwall mining

The Broadmeadow coal mine in Central Queensland used Maptek Sentry monitoring to help predict highwall movement associated with longwall subsidence.

Digitalisation of drill and blast

Barrick Pueblo Viejo has improved day-to-day operations and provided greater business intelligence for future mining excellence through implementing Maptek BlastLogic.

Grade control optimiser

Maptek has been working with a customer to develop a tool to design optimal grade control polygons and reduce time spent on repetitive manual tasks.

Tightening control over scheduling

A tight relationship between orebody knowledge, mine plans and schedules allows operations to analyse deviations and take corrective action at the right time.

Maptek and PETRA Data Science

Mining companies will be able, for the first time, to use all of their historical performance and resource metadata for dynamic optimisation.

Improving drill and blast workflow

Collaboration between Maptek and Sasol is improving drill and blast workflow and outcomes through better validation of field data.

Human-agent collectives

Mining companies must leverage a new relationship between humans and computers. Maptek Leader of Strategic Innovation, Chris Green discusses the benefits.

New global role to drive communications around technology value

Maptek has appointed North American-based Mining Engineer, Jesse Oldham to the new position of Global Product Market Manager.

Computer science awards

High achievers awarded Maptek Prize in Computer Science are also given exciting career opportunities.